T2 | Engineers

T-square Engineers was founded in 2011 as a small consulting firm also specialising in project management. Founded by passionate professionals with vase experience in Consulting, Construction, Engineering and Project Management. We provide the high standard skills, equipment and software to ensure project success. Our team members are experienced, focused and well trained. With project spanning over South Africa, it is safe to say that we have proven ourselves as serious market players.
T-Square Engineers is a multidisciplinary consulting practice specialising in planning of services, engineering designs, construction management, programme management and event management. Our primary focus is to provide our clients with the greatest form of success and service.
Being dedicated to developing South Africa, we make it our business to empower our stakeholders, business partners, clients and the communities in which we work and live in. Our proven track record and that of our strategic partners speaks for itself, our approach is built on rock solid foundations of customer satisfaction, excellence and innovation. T-Square is 100% HDI owned and operating within South African borders, our multi disciplinary services approach allows for the development of cohesiveness between our Clients and ourselves to more fully meets the needs and outcomes required on any project irrespective of where it is based and how big or small it is.
The Company currently employs approximately 10 people across the Country as it operates from every province within the South African Boarder.